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3 Long Distance Date Ideas

They say that distance makes the hard grow fonder, and it does, but it’s also really hard. My husband and I have been apart for a little over 6 weeks now and neither one of us are enjoying it. He’s in France this basketball season while I’m in Atlanta completing internship hours to finish my master’s degree. This is our first time being apart for this long since before we got married, and it’s definitely been an adjustment. Even though we’re separated by distance and a 6 hour time difference, date night is still a priority for us. We’ve come up with three long distance date ideas to keep things fun and romantic while he’s away.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it's HARD! Just because you're apart doesn't mean date night has to stop. Here are 3 fun long distance date ideas to keep the romance alive.

3 Long Distance Date Ideas

FaceTime Dinner Dates

I usually do all the cooking in our household, but while he’s away, my husband has been trying hard to learn how to cook. One thing that we really enjoy is cooking (and eating) together over FaceTime. We pick a dish to prepare the day before and I walk him through the steps as we cook simultaneously. Then, we enjoy our meals on FaceTime and it almost feels like we’re actually eating dinner together. I end up eating dinner for lunch so that it makes since for both of us given the time difference, but I don’t mind (especially because I have leftovers that I can have when dinner time actually rolls around).

TV Watch Parties

One thing that my husband and I love to do together is to watch our shows. We didn’t want distance to stop us from enjoying our favorite pastime, so we came up with a way to still enjoy it. We pick a time to watch Power, Narcos, the Affair, Ray Donovan, and all our other shows and text about it throughout the episode. It’s one of our favorite long distance date ideas and we love to chit chat about what’s going on with all of the characters we’ve grown obsessed with and to make predictions about the upcoming episodes.

Video Book Club

One of the long distance date night ideas my husband and I are most excited for is starting our video book club. Every week, we’re going to read a certain number of chapters and on Sundays, we’ll find a time to video chat and discuss. We’re looking for the perfect book that we’ll both enjoy, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. This will not only give us something to talk about, but it will also give us something to occupy our time with and look forward to all week long.

Which of these long distance date ideas are you excited to try with bae?


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