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The Show Must Go On

Yesterday, I celebrated LiveLifeWell’s first blogaversay! The year has seriously flown by and it was nice to take some time to celebrate my accomplishments. Although celebrating our wins is important, the show must go on! I’m looking forward to year 2 and excited for it to be even bigger and better than my first year of blogging was. Here are my blog related goals for the next 12 months:

My first year of blogging is in the books and the show must go on! I'm sharing all my blogging goals for the next 12 months.

The Show Must Go On: My Blogging Goals for Year 2

  1. Reach and surpass 10,000 monthly page views: LiveLifeWell was growing steadily for the first 8 months and, for the last few months, I’ve noticed that my page views have sort of plateaued. I’m stuck in the 8,000s and I’m eager to reach and surpass 10,000 monthly page views in my second year of blogger. I’m brainstorming ways to increase my numbers and working diligently to continue my growth.

  2. Grow social media accounts: I’m extremely happy with how much my social media accounts have grown over the last 12 months. I initially had a personal Instagram account, and I created a separate Instagram account for my blog that I grew from the ground up. While my Instagram growth has been awesome, my Pinterest and Twitter growth have been way slower and my Facebook page numbers have basically been stuck for the last couple of months. In year 2, my goal is to grow my following on all of my social media accounts.

  3. Instagram Goal: 3104 –> 6000+

  4. Facebook Goal: 1242 –> 2000+

  5. Pinterest Goal: 1644 –> 2500+

  6. Twitter Goal: 636 –> 1000+

  7. Host at least 3 brand related events: Last summer when I brainstormed about where I wanted to take my brand, hosting events was something I knew I definitely wanted to do. This summer, I’ll be co-hosting my first event, the More than a Wifey Boss Wife Brunch, along with two other fabulous Atlanta based wifestyle bloggers. I know this first event is going to be absolutely AMAZING and I’m also excited to plan and host a couple of other events in the next 12 months. My goal is to host at least 3, so be sure to get your brunch tickets and be on the lookout for what’s to come.

  8. Release my second ebook: A few months ago, I officially launched, a website dedicated to all my ebooks, apparel, products, and wall art. I also released my first e-guide, How to Plan the Perfect Girls’ Trip, and this year, I would really like to release my second. I know that it will definitely be travel related to coincide with my custom itinerary planning service, but the jury is still out on the exact topic! If you have any recommendations or requests, I would love to hear them!

  9. Increase membership of the More than a Wifey Wifestyle Group: As I prepare to FINALLY complete my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, I’m thinking of ways to tie all my passions together. Creating a group for wives was my first step at this and although the group is still very new, I’m really happy with how it’s grown. It’s a space for wives to connect, converse, and collaborate and the members are doing just that! This year, I would like to see the group’s membership grow from 109 members to 500. If you’re a wife who is looking to connect with and support other wives just like you, I’d love it if you would join the More than a Wifey Wifestyle Group!

The Show Must Go On!
The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go On Tee
The Show Must Go On Outfit

Outfit images pre-shot in Tokyo, Japan by

*The post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure statement for more information.

Shirt: The Shel’tter – Tokyo,Japan (similar frocket tee)

Jeans: Zara – Tokyo, Japan (similar)

Shoes: Valentino – Hong Kong, China

Bag: Saint Laurent – La Rinascente – Milan, Italy (here)

The show must go on! What are some of your upcoming goals?

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