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Wives Who WERK: Mrs. Cynthessia Nelson

I’m passionate about love and marriage and even more passionate about helping other wives to discover their passions and chase their dreams while maintaining happy, healthy marriages. As wives, we are the real MVPs. We juggle so many different things and each and every one of us WERKS in one way or another (whether that be by holding a traditional job outside of the home, managing our own blog, business, or brand, or doing something totally different). I’m a firm believer that this is something that should be celebrated, and that’s why I created LiveLifeWell’s monthly Wives Who WERK segment. Each month, I will be interviewing a wife in order to celebrate her and what she does. I would love to feature you! If you’re a wife who would be interested in being featured or if you want to nominate someone else, don’t hesitate to contact me.

In this month's Wives Who WERK interview, I'm featuring Mrs. Cynthessia Nelson, creator of the Facebook group, Wife Life

Cynthessia is a wife, mother, author, and the co-creator of one of the most awesome Facebook groups for wives, Wife Life. She is very transparent about her own experiences as a wife and has created an online community where 1500+ wives share and support one another. I am excited to introduce her as this month’s wife who WERKS!

Cynthessia Nelson

What makes you more than a wifey?

Honestly, in the beginning of our marriage, the only thing I could think about was being a WIFE. I didn’t think that it was possible to do anything else besides being supportive of everything my husband wanted to do. I didn’t think about what I wanted to accomplish period. A couple months in and I was exhausted with congratulating and praising my husband on his success. I was so wrapped up in only him, I couldn’t see myself. I realized that it was ok to have a life outside of marriage. Not a double life per say, but my own set of friends or social circle. Before I got married, I’d just started writing a memoir entitled “The Biggest Enemy”. I’m now waiting on the book to get published.  I joined forces with my good friend Kiara Austin and we started an organization (Wife Life ) for wife empowerment all over the world. We started a Facebook group for it and within the first two months, we gained around 1k+ members.  I’m also in the process of starting a ministry for younger girls called Beauty! With all that going on, I feel like there’s purpose to my life and to my marriage. My husband has told me many times how proud of me he is for following my dreams.

How did you determine your passion?

For a long time, I’ve been speaking life into other’s situations. I pray and ask God for guidance when people come to me and I give them what He gives me. My late grandmother was the epitome of a motivational speaker. She was the matriarch in the community, as well as our family.  My family members, friends, associates, and co-workers urged me to walk in my purpose. I love being that person that adds sunshine into other’s lives. I’m nowhere near where I should be in life at this very moment, but I thank God for allowing me to have that gift to give to others. It’s an honor and a privilege to me.

Tell us your love story! How did you and your husband meet? How long have you been married?

My husband and I met at a factory job that we were both working at it back in 2012. At the time I  was in a very emotionally, sometimes physically abusive relationship so I shied away and stayed to myself. He would always speak and even started calling me “Chocolate” because of how dark I am. LOL. My husband was more of my knight in shining armor. Within a month, we started talking on the phone and the next thing you know, we were dating. We dated for 3 months and got married in my grandmother’s living room.  We didn’t know that much about each other but we quickly learned and 4 years in (as of March 10, 2017) we’re still learning but it’s cool. I would do it all over again if I could.

Mrs. Cynthessia Nelson

How has your husband supported you and your dreams?

My husband has been supportive since the very first time I came to him with something I was thinking about doing. Even if I started something and didn’t finish, he’d still be 100 percent in. I think better with classical musical and silence. My husband would take our daughter away for a couple of hours or they’d both isolate themselves to give me space for thinking and writing, as well as researching. He’d buy me as many notebooks as I could have so I wouldn’t have to run out to the store as much.

How do you balance your household/marital responsibilities and your brand/business?

OMGosh! The balancing act! I will admit that it’s tough. Thank God, I’m great at multitasking. I’m more of a time schedule person. Of course, with intimacy, it’s spur of the moment! Lol. So whenever that happens, I have to rearrange things to fit. Over everything else, the majority of my time goes to my family. I am family oriented and I believe in Family Over Everything so anything that’s a hindrance to that gets placed on the back burner.

What is your biggest piece of marital advice for other wives?

My biggest piece of advice for other wives or even women who’s thinking about getting married: God First. When you place HIM first, everything else falls in line! Detour from him and you’ll find yourself in a world of trouble. Stay in HIS lane and you’re good!

Where do you see yourself, your family, and your blog and brand in 5 years?

I’m not a homeowner yet and in 5 years, I want to be at least close to paying off the home of mine and my family’s dreams. As far as my careers goes, both organizations should be moving steadily along as far as including retreats and growing in participants. My books, my beloved treasures, I would love for everyone in the world to have a copy. Trust me, it’s Life Changing!  As I stated earlier, I’ m not where I should be in life, as far as my faith, but I’m working in getting there. My husband and I have almost given up several times on our marriage because of the tough times we’ve had to endure. I don’t want to keep experiencing that. In 5 years, I would like for us both to definitely be on the same page with our faith in God and our marriage. Divorce is not an option!

Be sure to join Cynthessia’s group, Wife Life, on Facebook!

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