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Shopping in Tokyo: My 5 Favorite Spots

I can’t believe that it’s already been nearly 6 months since my husband and I moved to the other side of the globe. When we first arrived in Japan and took our first day trip to Tokyo, I shared that the fashion immediately caught my eye. Women’s fashion here is amazing and I love shopping in Tokyo. With one stroll through Harajuku and the neighboring Omotesando area, I automatically knew that the shopping was one of the main things I was going to thoroughly enjoy about living here. In fact, one of the things I’m going to miss the most about living in Japan is shopping in Tokyo. With only a few weeks remaining until I head back to Atlanta, I’m hitting up all my favorite shops one last time (as if my luggage won’t already be heavy enough!) and I’m excited to share my 5 favorite shops in (and around) Tokyo with all of you!

Planning a trip to Japan? After living here for 6 months, I'm excited to share my favorite spots for shopping in Tokyo!

My 5 Favorite Spots for Shopping in Tokyo

The Shel’tter

Although I didn’t discover this store until recently, I’m SO glad that I did. This store reminds me of a cross between Zara and Barney’s Co-Op. They carry a variety of brands, including Moussy, Sly, and even limited edition Nike and Adidas sneakers. If you’re looking for a perfect balance between basics like cute tees and denim and trendy items, this is the perfect store for you.


It’s no secret that I’ve become a Uniqlo-addict since we moved to Japan! Items from this mega-store appear in many of my outfit of the day posts.  From basics to super cute coats, they have the cutest things and every time I go, I find something that I just can’t leave behind. My husband had become quite the Uniqlo fan too and we are both PRAYING that they open a location in Atlanta soon since they have an established presence in the United States.


Pageboy is an inexpensive Japanese brand that I can always count on for cute, trendy pieces. While a lot of their items run small (which is normal in Japan – women are, in general, petite, so sizes aren’t the same as in America), they have a number of stretchy “one size fits all” items that fit me without a problem. There are locations throughout Tokyo and each store always has something a little different.

La Foret

Located at one of Harajuku’s most well known intersections, La Foret is a department store and museum in one that prides itself in staying on top of of fashion trends. La Foret houses Mexican restaurant Guzman and Gomez, which is one of our favorite places to grab lunch in Tokyo, so we often wander around to let our food settle after scarfing down burritos and margaritas. The department store houses several pop up shops, so brands often rotate, but Jeffrey Campbell, Bank, Joy Rich, Tonal, and Boy London are a few of the permanent fixtures.

Lowry Farms

Lowry farms is really similar to Pageboy, but styles are a little more mature and a little less teeny-bopper. They have a number of trendy but inexpensive pieces that can be dressed up or down. Lowry Farms has a few different locations in (and around) Tokyo and their sister brands, including Niko And…, which is another one of my personal favorites, also deserve honorable mentions.

Shopping in Tokyo
Pageboy - Shopping in Tokyo
The best places for shopping in Tokyo

Outfit images shot by Charrel Sanabria in Tokyo, Japan

Top: Uniqlo – Tokyo, Japan

Jumpsuit: Pageboy – Tokyo, Japan

Belt: Louis Vuitton – Singapore

Shoes: Nordstrom – Online (Same one’s — Here)

*this post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure statement for more information

Which of these shops in Tokyo would you LOVE to visit? If you’ve been to Japan, what was your favorite shopping spot?

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